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How to Get to Solovetsky Islands
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One of Russia’s best kept secrets, Solovetsky Islands in the White Sea are an oasis of fresh air for all of us looking for something different. Six isles and islets form an archipelago that separates the White Sea from the... Read More

A Week in Saint Petersburg
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We spent a week in Saint Petersburg. Our first impression was of a monotonous imitation of a French or Italian city. How wrong we were! Each day our excitement grew, there are countless of outstanding palaces, we were able to... Read More

Stockholm Metro System
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The Stockholm Metro System is known around the world as an underground art project. Spectacular photos of it can be found all over the Internet. Even the city itself promotes it as the ‘World’s longest art project’. But what... Read More

Vyborg – Where Russia and Finland Melt
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When we embark on a trip, we have a general plan of the places we want to visit, but we always leave plenty of time to discover new ones as we go. That happened in Helsinki. We were trying... Read More

Petroff Palace Hotel Moscow
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We’ve been 21 days in Russia already, so we owe you posts of the outstanding places already visited. In the meantime, we want to begin with where we are now, outstanding Moscow, in Petroff Palace, a gem of Russian... Read More