Sinulog Festival in Cebu

We heard so much about Filipino’s religious fiestas that we had to visit spectacular Sinulog in Cebu. On the first day, we followed the famous ‘Santo Niño’ statue as it gets carried by the masses through the city. Over a million people pray and scream “Viva Pit Señor”. On the second day, a massive party is held along the street. We danced and partied with the street performers and attendees. It was extremely hot and crowded but Filipinos manners and attitude made everything somehow work. It’s amazing how much Filipinos smile. They are lovely and contagious!
PS And we made 2 great friends: Andreas and Doreen. Keep the love going!

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  1. Darinka
    | Reply

    Lepe fotografije i krajnje pozitivna atmosfera. Sa svake fotografije isijavaju samo široki osmesi.
    Pozdrav i prijatan nastavak putovanja.

    • happyfrogtravels
      | Reply

      Hvala puno! Atmosfera je bila fenomenalna, filipinci su najsimpaticniji narod koji sam ikada upoznao!
      Pozdrav iz el Nido-a.

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