10 Days in Moscow

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Moscow, oh Moscow! What a spectacular city! We spent a week there on our way to Siberia and another four days on our way back, where we said good bye to Russia. And it wasn’t enough to feel all the temperamental air of this fascinating place. Its streets, buildings, parks, people, cuisine, colors and sounds are so varied, yet you are constantly reminded that you are in Russia. Huge soviet statues, enormous pavilions, Stalinist towers and onion domes mix together with new shiny adorned hearts, gates, lamps and flower bouquets. It’s as kitschy as it gets but at the same time impressively beautiful. Muscovites are proud of their city, bustling with immigrants from all over. The place is a feast to the senses, in a completely sophisticated and hedonistic way. And at night, the city’s coolest bars and discos can perfectly match those of other great European cities.

The city is much richer than any other part of the country with new refurbishments this summer giving it a brand new look. Posh cafés, expensive cars and fancy outfits can be seen all around. Tourist masses are corrupting the marvelous Red Square, but as soon as you get away their numbers fall drastically. They will not allow you to enjoy the beautiful Kremlin, but Novodevichy, Kolomenskoye and Tsaritsyno are a different story. There you will be strolling around or biking (just like us) mostly with locals around. If you are into soviet architecture then a visit to the All-Russian Exhibition Center and a tour around the nicest metro stations will make your heart full. We were very lucky regarding our hotels in Moscow, superb accommodation with outstanding views. There are plenty of other hidden gems, but Happy Frog will keep them for special people only. If you think you are one of them drop us a line and we’ll gladly share them with you.

Happy Frog recommends staying at Petroff Palace Hotel and Hilton Leningradskaya

10 Days in Moscow in photos

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