Street art of Buenos Aires

Street art of Buenos Aires: I was told Buenos Aires is a decadent city. Well, I wish it was true, cause I like decadent! Anyhow one of the main impressions of the city are its numerous … Read More

Tallinn – Singing in the Stables

My first stop on my 2011 Baltic Tour, Tallinn, is the smallest of the regional capitals and also the owner of the largest medieval heritage in the neighborhood. An important city within the Hanseatic … Read More

Hoi An Travel Guide

The Beautiful city of Hoi An still retains the spirit of an ancient port town, with buildings dating from the 15th to 19th century. Its Old Town is a witness of Chinese, Japanese and … Read More

Ghent Festival – Gentse Feesten

I used to travel with an international group of friends. It was the same bunch I met in Madrid in 2005, and then organized the Eastern European Adventure I wrote about. One of the … Read More