Beehive Houses near Aleppo

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I was fortunate enough to visit Syria in 2004. After spending a couple of days in Aleppo I decided to take two excursions. The first one was a tour around the dead cities, which are numerous abandoned settlements in northern … Read More

Lampang – Horse Carriage City

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Lampang, amazing place, less touristy than Chiang Mai and perhaps a bit more authentic. Dozens of traditional wooden houses dominate the quiet city center on the southern bank of the river Wang, while several enchanting temples lie hidden in the northern bank. … Read More

Amsterdam Travel Guide

Everybody knows Amsterdam: whether for its numerous canals adorned with medieval merchant houses, or for its tolerant spirit reflected in ‘coffeeshops’ and the ‘red light district’. Whatever the reason, we are talking about an immensely atmospheric and outstandingly beautiful city. … Read More

Vilnius Travel Guide

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Vilnius, the capital of the largest Baltic State, is a city with a rich architectural heritage that tells the story of an interesting past. Its unusual location on the extreme east of the country is the result of centuries of … Read More