Mandalay Travel Guide

Mandalay, Myanmar’s second largest city and biggest up in the north was the country’s last royal capital. Due to its proximity to China, the city is currently an entry point of Chinese nationals who … Read More

Girona – Medieval and Green

Since Girona is located just an hour away from Barcelona (half an hour on the fast train), I’ve been there several times. In fact, this small town has so much to offer you can spend the … Read More

Berat – Town of a Thousand Windows

Europe is a continent incredibly rich in architectural heritage. Thousands of impressive heritage towns and cities can be found almost everywhere. However, the Balkan Peninsula is richer in nature, with a few very interesting … Read More

Pécs – Hungary’s Most Beautiful City

In 2012 I spent one month in Budapest studying Hungarian. Every weekend I visited a different place. Though all of them pretty, Pécs is Hungary’s most beautiful city (in my humble opinion). The place … Read More

Buenos Aires Travel Guide

There’s a place at the end of the world that everybody is talking about. They say it has gorgeous decadent architecture, lush green parks, cool coffee culture and beautiful temperamental people. Obviously we are … Read More