George Town – Heritage and Graffiti

After a trip full of great natural wonders we were craving for some heritage, thus we chose George Town in Penang, a Unesco World Heritage Site. What a surprise: George Town is probably the nicest … Read More

Where to stay in el Nido?

El Nido, Philippine’s best, is a cluster of spectacular limestone islands surrounded by lush forests and dotted with beaches located on the northern tip of beautiful Palawan Island. The island’s main airport is hours … Read More

Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue was difficult to get to. After crossing Manila, and spending the afternoon in a cheap love hotel at the station we were able to hop on a luxury bus. The journey took over … Read More

What to Do in Bohol and Balicasag Islands

Who would have thought Bohol had so much to offer. Apparently loads of people since some places on the island are starting to get crowded. Nevertheless, we explored several beautiful sites in Bohol, and … Read More