Mendoza Day Trips: Aconcagua

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After spending a month in Buenos Aires we realized we desperately needed some nature. Thus we decided to explore the countryside. Traveling around Argentina can be challenging. The country is huge and there aren’t that many connecting flights amongst cities. However, an extensive network of comfortable buses gets you close to nature. Traveling by bus is also a great way to get to experience local life.

Aconcagua peak

How could we not go to Aconcagua, the highest mountain in both the Southern and Western hemispheres? This beauty of 6961m is located in Mendoza province, western Argentina, very close to the border with Chile. To give you an idea of the size we are talking about: Mendoza province is bigger than The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Switzerland together. While 2 million people live in Mendoza, over 40 million live in said countries. This is nature at its best!

Walking to Aconcagua

It took us an entire day just to get to the base of Aconcagua and back to Mendoza. Once there, exhausted and with a bit of altitude sickness, all we did was admire in silence the majesty of nature. The way up to the mountain takes you across the pre-Andes. It’s a collection of mountains interspersed with vineyards. The city of Mendoza didn’t impress us that much. However, we did love its endless trees and parks. We stayed at Apartamentos Mendoza Premium, which we highly recommend. Located near Mendoza’s main square Plaza Independencia it proved a great base for exploring the city.

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