Barcelona Pride Parade

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Barcelona has a tradition of organizing fantastic parties all year round. From the Fiestas de la Merce to the different fiestas in each district, like the one in Gracia, Barcelona is party central. And we are talking about fiestas Spanish style! It’s the entire city that parties: on the streets, parks, bars, clubs, on the beach, everywhere.  So what’s the best one of them all? Without a doubt Barcelona Pride Parade, where party and fighting for equality meet.

That’s the first point I would like to make: Pride here is still a fight for freedom and equality. Perhaps some of us who have been to different prides around the globe feel a bit disappointed. Over the years, some seem more corporate-money-making-straight-washed parties. In some you must pay to get in with VIP areas and all or spend a fortune on a beer, thus excluding. They seem parties thrown by corporations to prove how nice they are, and we are the guests, paying guests of course. Not here! Barcelona Pride Parade is a party we LGBTI Barcelonans throw; it’s our party, from us for us to fight for our rights. Thus, everyone has to be included and invited.

Gay Pride Barcelona

The party begins ten days before the main parade (at the end of June)with a huge offer of seminars, conferences, workshops, markets, family events, kids’ areas, exhibits, races, movies and all sorts of activities. Be sure to check the program online, I’m sure there is something there that will kick your fancy. And of course, attending these events is the best way to meet new people and party at night. The best of both worlds!

Events and activities occur all around Barcelona, including governmental buildings, private places, organizations and the street. You basically get to tour the entire city while attending pride. Pay special attention to the colorful Catalan Modernist buildings, which are everywhere. Take note that there are two main stages: on the Gayxample on Enrique Granados Street and on Maria Cristina Avenue. The latter is where Saturday’s main parade ends.

Gay Pride Barcelona - Orgullo Gay Barcelona

Do not get confused. The parade begins on Jardins de les Tres Xemeneies, in Poble Sec. You can get there walking, by metro or biking. It all begins at 4PM. Different floats, company sponsors, associations and the rest of us meet, dance and get ready to walk all the way to the main stage on Maria Cristina Avenue. There is absolutely no discrimination whatsoever. All sexual preferences, shapes, wallets, colors, sizes, looks and tastes are welcomed: everyone is invited!

The parade ends with a manifesto. That’s why we are here: to demand equal rights for everyone. The energy is truly special, you can feel the camaraderie, the union. A mass of all types of people together fighting for love. A joyous happy fight! Once the manifesto is over, it’s time to let loose and have fun. The main party is a collection of several parties. The different clubs, bars and parties that operate through the city come together at the main stage on the street and offer a party you will never forget.

Trust us. Come to Barcelona Pride Parade and experience for yourself why Spain is at the forefront of LGBTI rights. If you’ve already been here, we would love to hear from you. How well did we do?

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  1. Victor
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    Viva BARCELONA!!! Thank you for the awesome article and pics!

    • happyfrogtravels
      | Reply

      Yes! Viva Barcelona!! And thank you for following our adventures!

  2. Lourdes
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    Milos. Eres un éxito. Me encantan tus fotos.

    • happyfrogtravels
      | Reply

      Gracias Manu! Se hace lo que se puede: jeje

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