Two Days in Bruges

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We spent two days in Bruges, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. A very important port in medieval times, Bruges lost access to the sea in the 16th century and with it its trading importance. Today it is a small … Read More

Granada – Spain’s Best

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There is nothing in the whole of Europe quite like Granada. The longest Moorish stronghold on Spanish soil, it has preserved its distinguished oriental character until today. The Alhambra, one of the most beautiful examples of Islamic art in the … Read More

Sea Fortress of Suomenlinna

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Our favorite in Scandinavia? Its magnificent coast dotted with countless islands. We had the pleasure of traveling around the Bergen and Stockholm archipelagos and to Suomenlinna Island near Helsinki, the prettiest of them all. The weather was splendid so this … Read More

4 Days in Budapest

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Our two fantastic months in Russia came to an end so we had to figure out how to go back home to Barcelona. We decided to travel through Budapest. The ticket was very cheap, it is one of our favorite … Read More

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