Győr – City of Waters

Halfway between two of Europe’s most elegant capitals (Budapest and Vienna) lies Győr, a charming Hungarian city. The city once served as a fortress to defend Vienna from Ottoman invasions. Today it boasts splendid … Read More

Wedding in Ljubljana

We hope the pictures capture how fantastic it feels to travel to a wedding. And to no other place than beautiful Ljubljana, the star of our journey. The wedding reception was hosted at a … Read More

Avignon – Babylon on the Rhone

Our original plan was to go to Sicily and Malta, but then a sudden air control strike closed down the airport in Barcelona. There was no way we were going to stay home. All … Read More

Utrecht – Down the River

On my second time to Amsterdam I wanted to explore other nearby cities. I chose Utrecht because of its unique Schröder House. Strangely enough this beautiful Dutch city is off the beaten track. However, it … Read More

Places to visit in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city in Vietnam and its economic motor. Since it lies some 100km from the Mekong delta it is the perfect starting point for some excellent excursions. On the … Read More

Manila – Around the Intramuros

We owed you photos from our time in Manila. It is very difficult to talk about Manila while you are there, so many impressions. The city is hard, moving around is science fiction, there … Read More

Hong Kong – Photos

Hong Kong was the first and last stop on our two month trip around Asia. Although it belonged to the United Kingdom for 99 years not much heritage is left from that period. Instead … Read More

George Town – Heritage and Graffiti

After a trip full of great natural wonders we were craving for some heritage, thus we chose George Town in Penang, a Unesco World Heritage Site. What a surprise: George Town is probably the nicest … Read More

Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue was difficult to get to. After crossing Manila, and spending the afternoon in a cheap love hotel at the station we were able to hop on a luxury bus. The journey took over … Read More

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