Mendoza Day Trips: Aconcagua

After spending a month in Buenos Aires we realized we desperately needed some nature. Thus we decided to explore the countryside. Traveling around Argentina can be challenging. The country is huge and there aren’t … Read More

Street art of Buenos Aires

Street art of Buenos Aires: I was told Buenos Aires is a decadent city. Well, I wish it was true, cause I like decadent! Anyhow one of the main impressions of the city are its numerous … Read More

Singapore – Gardens by the Bay

I don’t usually get excited about super fancy high tech architecture. I like to think sublime architecture is more my thing. Until I saw Singapore’s new bay area refurbishment: Gardens by the Bay.  It’s … Read More

Street art of El Raval

Street art of El Raval Barcelona‘s most underrated neighborhood Raval is actually a place full of art.

Belgrade Graffiti and Murals

Belgrade graffiti and murals Belgrade is home to some incredibly interesting murals and unique graffiti. The best area is Savamala next to the river Sava.

Akhaltsikhe and Vardzia – Dramatic Georgia

Akhaltsikhe is not one of the country’s most popular sites, yet its recently renovated 13th century Rabati fortress is worth taking a look. Like many other reconstructed buildings in Georgia it lacks historical value, … Read More

Things to do in Kutaisi, Georgia

Kutaisi is Georgia’s second largest city and its legislative capital (the new parliament is such a cool building!). Since the introduction of low cost flights from all over Europe, Kutaisi has become a common first stop … Read More

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