Eden Mountain Village, Zhangjiajie National Forest Park

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A one-thousand-star experience

We booked Eden Mountain Village – Static Mountain Habitat because it’s located at the entrance of Zhangiajie National Forest Park. As requested, our driver was waiting for us at Zhangjiajie’s bus station. We were hungry, so he took us to a nearby Mc Donalds (we were that hungry!) and waited for us. The drive took us through town all the way up the hill, until we reached a high perch where this true gem is located. The views from our balcony were superb.

The receptionist was all smiles, the genuine type. She explained to us the best way to get to the park and how to avoid the crowds. Believe me, this is essential, our experience within the park was superb thanks to her tips. Not only that, but in a total show of class, she suggested we did not spend our third night at the hotel (though we had already booked). It was better for us if we crossed the park and exited at Wulingyuan. She would send our luggage there, and so she did. This to us is equivalent to any 5-star concierge.

The hotel has a restaurant, managed by the same family. We were truly blessed having food with an authentic Chinese family, from granddads to small children. Everyone was so polite and happy it was contagious. We didn’t share the language, we shared laughs. What could top this experience? We were back at the hotel after walking all around the park, it was our second night. The lights went off, so we climbed to the terrace and indulged in the milky way. We were one with nature, bathed by a thousand stars.

You don’t need marble nor pools nor bling bling to reach perfection. All you need is genuine Chinese hospitality, a welcoming family, and the kindness and brains of a fantastic host. Thanks!

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