Singapore – Gardens by the Bay

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I don’t usually get excited about super fancy high tech architecture. I like to think sublime architecture is more my thing. Until I saw Singapore’s new bay area refurbishment: Gardens by the Bay.  It’s without a doubt one the most beautiful parks I’ve ever visited! This green oasis of around 100 hectares gave Singapore new green lungs. Likewise, it catapulted the city to the forefront of Southeast Asia’s metropolis.

Great Lake at the Gardens by the Bay

The Gardens are a collection of lakes connected by small channels. The main access to the Bay South Garden is through a bridge over beautiful Dragon Lake. This bridge takes you to three small gardens dedicated to Singapore’s ethnic groups: Chinese, Malay and Indian. Continue walking and prepare to be blown away by the so called Supertrees. Walk freely about the OCBC Skyway to admire this 25 meter tall man made trees.


Restaurants and cafés are behind the Supertrees. Two giant glass structures dominate the area closer to Marina Bay. The Flower Dome with its thousands of flowers from semi arid regions is the largest glass greenhouse in the world. The Cloud Forest on the other hand houses rare plants. A pedestrian bridge connects everything. Be sure to check the spectacular 15 minutes light show ‘Garden Rhapsody’, a festival of colors.

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