Golden Ring – Vladimir and Suzdal

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Collectively known as the Golden Ring, some eight interesting cities and towns played an important role in the history of the Russian Orthodox Church. Amongst them, the village of Suzdal holds a special position, so we decided to stop there on our way to Siberia. Its four large medieval monasteries are still in function today, including the 10th century Kremlin (older than the one in Moscow) and the massive 14th century Saviour Monastery of St. Euthymius. The village itself is absolutely beautiful with the Kamenka River, small hills, numerous monasteries and charmingly decorated wooden houses scattered everywhere. Locals are friendly, food cheap and delicious, and village life calm and relaxing. We also stopped by another Ring city, Vladimir, the former capital of medieval Russia. It didn’t disappoint us either. Its Golden Gate, Saint Demetrius’ Cathedral and the Dormition Cathedral are other outstanding examples of Russian medieval heritage. Our only regret? Not enough time. We could have easily spent 10 days chilling!

Happy Frog recommends Svetly Terem Hotel in Suzdal and Monomakh Hotel in Vladimir

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    >> pic (Charming locals in Suzdal)

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