Almaty Day Trips: Sharyn National Park

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Almaty Province in Kazakhstan is all about nature: mountains, lakes, waterfalls, steppe, dessert and even a canyon. We chose to visit Sharyn National Park, located some 200km east from the city, close to the border with China. To get there, we hired a taxi and a driver for the whole day. Nurdalet picked us up from our hotel early in the morning. The road there is quite scenic: it goes next to the mountains into the immense steppe to go back into the mountains.

The entrance road to the Canyon was poorly marked so we got lost. But we were lucky: we got to see some wild horses moaning about the steppe. The canyon took our breath away. It was a working day so we had it almost all to ourselves. The quiet breeze was only interrupted by cute little rodents playing around. We walked over the cliffs and under the canyon, taking pictures and absorbing the positive vibes. Nature is overwhelming!

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  1. Darinka
    | Reply

    Sharyn is absolutely amazing place with rarely seen scenery, especialy when one is “all alone with Nature”. Maybe you have visited some other jewels of nature in Kazakhstan, like Bolshaya Almatinka Lake close to Almaty, or Kaindly Lake with trees that grow up to down…or some holy places like Beket Ata, Shakpak Ata, Shopan Ata, old undergound moscues immersed in wondrous nature…Kazakhstan is land of wonders, no doubt, mostly unknown to people all over the world, with its history, culture, natural beauties, tradition etc….

    • happyfrogtravels
      | Reply

      We had only one day in Almaty for excursions and choosing Sharyn Canyon was a great idea. Kaindy is too far and Bolshoe Almatinskoe lake is only nice to look at, walking around is not allowed. I would like to say I am coming back to visit all those places, but after what happened to us in Astana I don’t think I will be coming back to Kazakhstan for a long time…

  2. Darinka
    | Reply

    Sorry to hear what you think about Kazakhstan, but that is your point of view and your opinion. My experience about Kazakhstan is completely different than yours. Kazaks are welcoming people, open to strangers and visitors, they want to help, to show, to explain, to talk, whatever you ask them. There, in Astana, I did not have a single problem with locals, with city authorities or imigration police. Not a single problem !!! To those who follow your blog, your lines can make totally wrong picture of this beautiful country and its positive and friendly people.

    • happyfrogtravels
      | Reply

      As I said in the post about Almaty I found Kazakhs to be very nice people, and I do think they live in a beautiful country. But unfortunately the unpleasant event overshadowed my experience. There is nothing more than that!

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