Granada – Spain’s Best

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There is nothing in the whole of Europe quite like Granada. The longest Moorish stronghold on Spanish soil, it has preserved its distinguished oriental character until today. The Alhambra, one of the most beautiful examples of Islamic art in the entire world, overlooks the city. The original structure dates back to the 9th century, though the modern day look is the result of a reconstruction done in the 13th century.  Granada was the seat of the Royal Nasrid family until it was conquered back by the Spanish Kings in 1492. The charming Old Town is packed with covered streets and cute little squares, with the imposing Gothic Cathedral at the centre. Two very interesting neighborhoods not to be missed are Albaicín, with its white houses and narrow alleys, and Sacromonte with cave houses.  Four rivers and numerous hills perfectly interact with the architecture and provide Granada with a specific microclimate.

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Granada – Spain’s best

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