Győr – City of Waters

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Halfway between two of Europe’s most elegant capitals (Budapest and Vienna) lies Győr, a charming Hungarian city. The city once served as a fortress to defend Vienna from Ottoman invasions. Today it boasts splendid examples of Renaissance and Baroque architecture. The whole city center seems stuck in time, each building with a particular story. Its proximity to the Danube whose meanders and tributaries Moson Danube, Rába and Rábca Rivers surround the Old Town earned it the nickname City of Waters. There are countless things to do in Győr!

Győr city of waters - Káptalandomb

What to See and Do in Győr

Let’s assume you arrive at Győr by train. As soon as you get off the train you’ll notice the late 19th Century neo-Baroque Town Hall. Once you pass the Town Hall you’ll enter Győr’s picturesque Old Town. The pretty pedestrian Baross Gábor Street takes you all the way to the main square: Szechenyi. Elegant buildings line the square, among which the St Ignatius of Loyola Benedictine Church stands out. Not far from the square you’ll find the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of Our Lady and the Episcopal Castle and Palace. In the same neighborhood, on the Vienna Gate Square, do not miss the Carmelite Church. If you have time cross the river Raba and visit the neo-Romanesque Synagogue.

Győr city of waters - Széchenyi Square

Where to Stay in Győr

Most tourists visit Győr as a day trip from Budapest or Vienna. Nevertheless, the place is nice enough for a couple of days, plus at night you’ll probably be the only tourist in town. Though Győr is not especially big, the best place to stay in is the Old Town. Additionally, go for a historic building and travel in time. Next to the Town Hall sits the splendid Hotel Raba City Center. This neoclassical palace has an unbeatable location and good facilities. If you are looking for something even more authentic stay at Hotel Klastrom, part of the Carmelite Church and cloister. Or stay in Fonte Hotel another historical building. Finally, you can always splurge a bit and stay at the fanciest hotel in Győr’s, Capitulum.

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