Banaue Rice Terraces

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Banaue was difficult to get to. After crossing Manila, and spending the afternoon in a cheap love hotel at the station we were able to hop on a luxury bus. The journey took over 8 hours with the air-conditioning so intense that we literally shivered all through the night. It was all worth it, our hotel overlooked high lush mountains covered in vegetation and sparsely populated. The 2000 year old rice terraces are impressive, you feel small just looking at them, plus they are still in use today.

There was a storm going on, which made everything more dramatic. On our way out, we took a local bus carrying passengers, furniture, goods, luggage and chicken. Then we took three different vans, going up and down curvy roads. It was strange to be puking while enjoying such outstanding views! After 8 hours we finally reached Santiago in Ilocos del Sur to a quiet empty beach. Time to rest.

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  1. Darinka
    | Reply

    For me, maybe this is the best part of journey. Old rice terraces are really impressive. Best photo – No 16 – village houses in the middle of rice terraces. Regards. Darinka

    • happyfrogtravels
      | Reply

      I find it difficult to decide. I think the whole of Philippines was impressive. That particular place above the rice terraces was challenging to get to. We had to walk through the forest to get there, which made is so much more worth it! And yes, those people actually live in the middle of the terraces.

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