Sinulog Festival in Cebu

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We heard so much about Filipino’s religious festivals that we had to visit spectacular Sinulog in Cebu. On the first day, we followed the famous ‘Santo Niño’ statue as it gets carried by the masses through the city. Over a million people pray and scream “Viva Pit Señor”. On the second day, a massive party is held along the street. We danced and partied with the street performers and attendees. It was extremely hot and crowded but Filipinos manners and attitude made everything somehow work. It’s amazing how much Filipinos smile. They are lovely and contagious!

Things to Do in Sinulog Festival

Visiting the Basilica del Santo Niño is a must. The best way to enjoy the Grand Procession is to mingle with a group of locals, you’ll join and be a part of the procession. Party in the evening around the Fuente Osmeña. With your last ounce of energy, go to the Ayala Mall to watch the Fireworks.

Tips for a Better Experience on a Sinulog Festival

Sinulog Festival is extremely overcrowded. At times it seems the city is about to collapse. Therefore, staying downtown makes a lot of sense. You’ll save time and energy. The Cuarto Hotel is the perfect place to enjoy the festival.

When it comes to crowds, be cautious and don’t panic. That’s why I suggest joining the procession with a group of locals. Filipinos are very educated and polite, you’ll be treated right.

Best Sinulog Experience

We wanted to participate in the procession, so we asked the organizers. They allowed us without any hesitation and it was beautiful. Our charming Filipino-Swedish couple (Andreas and Doreen) we met on Camotes Islands joined us too. So there we were, amongst friends, dancing and taking pictures, surrounded by artists and dancers, having the time of our lives.

What is a Sinulog Festival to me?

Sinulog reminds me of Filipinos, their smile and how polite they are. I felt safe, relaxed and happy. What could possibly be better than getting to know Filipinos at this outstanding festival of art and music?

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  1. Darinka
    | Reply

    Lepe fotografije i krajnje pozitivna atmosfera. Sa svake fotografije isijavaju samo široki osmesi.
    Pozdrav i prijatan nastavak putovanja.

    • happyfrogtravels
      | Reply

      Hvala puno! Atmosfera je bila fenomenalna, filipinci su najsimpaticniji narod koji sam ikada upoznao!
      Pozdrav iz el Nido-a.

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