Girona – Medieval and Green

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Since Girona is located just an hour away from Barcelona (half an hour on the fast train), I’ve been there several times. In fact, this small town has so much to offer you can spend the entire day walking about its narrow cobbled streets and exploring its abundant heritage. My favorites are the outstanding medieval old town and the gorgeous parks you’ll find everywhere. However, the most popular postcard from Girona is the one showing the river Onyar and Eiffel’s bridge (El Pont de Ferro).

Girona - River Onyar

Two places not to be missed in the Old Town are the Girona Cathedral and the Arab baths (Banys Arabs). Likewise, walking about the medieval City Walls is a must. The views from there are outstanding. On the other side of the river, towards the Train station you’ll find the Plaça de la Independència Square and the gorgeous Parc de la Devesa. To end your route, don’t forget to visit the unique modernist building Farinera Teixidor, next to the train station.

Girona - Cathedral Square

One time I went to Girona with Eitan and our friend Anna from Budapest. We biked to Barcelona’s Sants train station, hopped on the train with our bikes and in an hour there we were. All we did was bike around Girona, eat, have coffee, and we were back on the train to Barcelona for dinner. Didn’t I tell you that Girona is a perfect day trip from Barcelona!


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  1. Cho
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    Wonderful photos! I have been to Girona twice, once with a tour group and another time with my son in law. Your pictures brought back fond memories of this city. Thanks for sharing.

    • happyfrogtravels
      | Reply

      Thanks for your comment! I’ve been to Girona a couple of times, I like its calm atmosphere, and the fact its surrounded with gorgeous nature.

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