Lampang – Horse Carriage City

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After Chiang Mai we went to Lampang, a wonderful city not overrun by tourists! The river Wang divides the city. The southern bank is dotted with dozens of traditional wooden houses. On the other hand, several enchanting temples lie hidden in the northern bank.

Lampang - Typical traditional architecture

We stayed at the famous Riverside Guesthouse, a group of wooden houses inside a nice garden, next to the river. Amazing! All we had to do was bike around the old town. The city is alive and you can feel its rhythm all around. Be sure to stop at all the old temples, especially at the Wat Pong Sanuk temple where an impressive Buddha reclines. If you get tired, chill at the local marketplace and interact with friendly locals.

Lampang - Wat Phra Luang

At the market we met a charming Thai guy who lives in the States. He took us to the Wat Phra That Lampang Luang, Lampang’s most important site. It is one of the nicest temples you will see in your life. The temple complex includes several structures from the 15th century surrounded by an even older fortification wall. To go back we tried hitchhiking but since no one stopped eventually had to hire a motorbike with a driver. 

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