Lukang Township in Central Taiwan

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After Tainan we went to the beautiful Township of Lukang (Lugang) in Central Taiwan. Unlike the rest of the country, both Tainan and Lukang have some Chinese heritage. Happily we walked down its narrow alleys, entered old temples and chatted with locals. Exhausted we stopped by Hitea Café (孩堤咖啡館) for coffee and cake. Kate Lee and her sister are in charge of this wonderful old house and gave us great advice.

Lukang Taiwan

We couldn’t find any decent accommodation when we visited, so we stayed in Taichung, Taiwan’s second largest city. Additionally, trains to Taipei leave from Taichung. Our Kiwi Express Hotel served its purpose: located near the Old Train Station it was a great base for our little Lukang adventure. Staying overnight allowed us to visit the Taichung’s night market and to try some local delicacies.

Lukang Taiwan

Lukang used to be a Taiwan’s main trading port for rice and sugar sent to Mainland China, thus its importance. At the beginning of the 20th century the port closed and the city ceased to develop. The good thing is that the historical core remained unaltered. It includes plenty of old houses, 19th century mansions and several interesting temples. King amongst these, Longshan Temple, is Taiwan’s oldest and has a superb courtyard and an impressive octagonal ceiling.


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