If you want to make the most of your holidays you should plan carefully beforehand. Useful information saves time and money making your trip more enjoyable. Happy Frog has been travelling for over two decades and is glad to share; we simply love organizing trips! By the way, finding the best place to stay and the fastest transport connection are our specialties.


We are not fans of massive excursions, so whenever possible we try to make our travels private. Sometimes travelling around big countries like Argentina and Brazil can seem a bit daunting, especially when you want to reach isolated natural wonders. Well, not necessarily. In NATURE we share our experience in finding a good base near or inside beautiful natural spots and the best way to get there.

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No shame in admitting we absolutely love good HOTELS. We consider them a vital part of travelling. Location saves you time and money. The perfect view makes your stay a pleasure. In a historical building you feel like you are part of history yourself. A pool is the ideal place to end a day of walking, and breakfast on a lovely terrace the best way to start it. Plus a good professional service provides a firsthand impression into your host’s culture. Finding the right hotel is a fun way to guarantee the perfect experience. Take a look, we share some tips about those magical places called hotels.

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Visiting a city entails several aspects you should cover. Knowing beforehand what the city is really like comes handy: where is the centre, where are the main attractions, restaurants and nightlife. You should also consider how to move around since each place has different options. Transportation to and within a place is the act of travelling and you want to do it relaxed, efficiently and safely. Happy to share with you our city GUIDES based on our experience.

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Our “top places” are highly useful if you are planning a visit to a country you’ve never been before. Our ROUTES include some of the most interesting places in a certain country or region, complete with the best way to get there, hotels and tips. There is a way of combining the best a place has to offer, be it European beautiful cities, Latin America’s natural parks or Asia’s beaches.

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TIPS is where we forget about destinations and focus solely on organizing. Some of you may dread planning, we happen to enjoy it. When we are home we spend hours online doing research and dreaming about our next destination. Our tips should help you find the best hotel, the cheapest plane ticket, travelling etiquette, local information, means of transport and a big etc.

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Maybe you want to travel on your own, with a friend, a lover, friends and lovers? We are more than happy to plan a trip for you. We do both tailor made trips to the destination of your choice and also offer DAY TRIPS to Southeast Asia, the Balkans and to beautiful Georgia (among many other places). Of course, we also organize different city tours in our hometown, Barcelona. Contact us, let’s do this together.

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