Railay Peninsula – Discovering an Ancient Sword

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Railay West beachOur last stop on the Southeast Asian adventure, Railay Peninsula in Krabi province was an absolute success. After travelling for five months we completely ran out of energy and finding a perfect place to relax was a must. The main reason why we chose Railay West although it was considerably costlier than its eastern counterpart was because hotels there lye directly in front of a spectacular beach. On Railay East the sea is completely covered with mangroves and there is no real beach. The other, a bit isolated option, was the Pranang beach, but the only hotel there was just too expensive.

Getting there can sometimes be challenging. Although we are talking about a peninsula, not an island, it is cut off from the rest of the province by several sharp rising limestone cliffs. The impressive landscape makes getting there a bit more complicated. The only way to access the area is through long-tail boats and sometimes you need to step into the water in order to board them. Additionally it’s quite common to have large waves so there is a great probability of getting completely wet. Remember to bring an isolated luggage or at least cover well your electronic devices and documents.

The whole place is like a fairytale shelter. Due to its isolation from the mainland, and the lack of regular police station, it has a very relaxed and calm atmosphere. In the interior and on the eastern coast there are several cool bars and restaurants and even a disco with fire jongleurs and a DJ. But what makes it different from the rest of the party destinations is that it is fairly easy to leave the evening hassle and emerge to the silence in the backyard of your resort. Picture that with hundreds of monkeys walking freely and several caves and scenic paths allowing you to explore nature.

Another good reason to visit this place is the variety of excursions offered there. Most include visiting several karst islands, including the famous Maya beach on Ko Phi Phi, Khao Phing Kan in Phang Nga Bay, swimming in the ocean, kayaking, snorkeling or even scuba diving. For those of you how are not fans of excursions overcrowded with tourists it is possible to organize individual tours, though costly. The islands are absolutely gorgeous with a not less impressive sea flora and fauna.

Railay Peninsula has some of the best beaches in Southeast Asia. Considering we are talking about Thailand you can expect it to be packed with tourists, but if you are not crazy about too much sun burning maybe it’s better to visit it during the rainy season (july, august), since there are not that many people in the area. In spite of the fact that the ocean is polluted, at least it has avoided the massive prostitution and parties loaded with heavy drugs and alcohol like other Thai destinations. The breathtaking scenery, outstanding nature and a relaxed vibe are more than enough of a reason to visit this little piece of heaven. No wonder rock climbers consider it their own paradise.

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Railay Peninsula – Discovering an Ancient Sword

Railay - Railay West beach

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