Georgia Top 8 (The Land of Wolves)

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Georgia. The northernmost country in the Transcaucasian region has a longitudinal triangular shape. It is an incredibly diverse country with abundant stunning landscapes. The Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast are decorated with beautiful villages, towns, charming churches and cave monasteries. The constant power shift from Persia through the Ottoman Empire to the Russian Kingdom have all left marks in this culturally rich region, but it is Georgians themselves who gave it a distinctive final touch. You can Travel Georgia by bus, train or plane, but the most common way is by minibuses called marshrutkas which can take you virtually everywhere.

Here are the Georgia Top 8

Georgia - 01 Batumi


The entry point for many tourists, Batumi is an excellent first stop and a great introduction to Georgia. This important Black sea port sits among beautiful mountains, and has a lot to offer: a charming Old Town, with interesting ‘fin de siècle’ buildings and new Disneyland style skyscrapers together with monuments and parks.

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Georgia - 02 Svaneti


Arguably the most beautiful part of the Caucasus Mountain range, Svaneti region is a true gem. It’s far more than just stunning nature: thousand year old defense towers still stand around several villages close to the highest peaks, free range domestic animals walk freely down the alleys, as a reminder of how life once was.

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Georgia - 03 Kutaisi


Kutaisi is Georgia’s second largest city and its legislative capital. Since the introduction of the low cost flights it has become a common first stop for many tourists. A nice landscape hides some true architectural marvels: several old stone houses dotted with wooden balconies and two important monasteries from 11th and 12th century.

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Georgia - 04 Akhaltsikhe


Akhaltsikhe is not one of the country’s most popular sites, yet its recently renovated 13th century Rabati fortress is worth taking a look. Like many other reconstructed buildings in Georgia it lacks historical value, but it showcases nicely how oriental fortresses looked like, including a church, a mosque, a synagogue and a museum.

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Georgia - 05 Vardzia


Vardzia, the largest cave monastery in Georgia lies near the Mtkvari River in a beautiful mountain range just a few kilometers away from Turkey. Most of the complex was built during the second half of the 12th century, including the beautiful Church of St. Dormition. Abandoned for centuries today it is part of a large historical architectural museum reserve.

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Georgia - 06 Mtskheta


Mtskheta, the capital of the Georgian Kingdom for 8 centuries, is one of the oldest cities in Georgia and one of the oldest inhabited places in the world. It was here where the country adopted Christianity in 334 AD, second only to Armenia. The large Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in the town center is the seat of the Georgian Orthodox Church.

Georgia - 07 Tbilisi


The most beautiful city of the defunct Soviet Union and the most cosmopolitan capital of the Caucasus region, Tbilisi is a refreshing change from a typical European heritage city. Numerous lace decorated wooden houses together with neoclassical, art nouveau and ultramodern buildings cohabit on both banks of the River Mtkvari.

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Georgia - 08 Sighnaghi


Sighnaghi is the nicest town in Kakheti wine area, the country’s easternmost region. Located on a hill overlooking the valley it is surrounded by a large well preserved 18th century fortification. Two orthodox churches and numerous traditional houses with wooden porches give Sighnaghi a unique feel. Outstanding views and a dry mild weather complete the feast.

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