Germany Top 5 (East of the Rhine)

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Germany has a relatively compact shape that resembles a vertical rectangle 1200km long and 800km wide. It is the most populated European country, if we exclude the ex-soviet states, and its territory is also one of the largest on the continent. The country is famous for its villages, mountains, rivers and lakes. However, the top destinations are its historically and culturally important cities. Some of them are large cosmopolitan cities with international importance, while others are smaller, with a much more relaxed atmosphere. Germany is considered a country with one of the best transport systems in the world and its regions are very well connected by air, water or land. Check out this great post about what to eat in Germany.

Here are the Germany Top 5

Germany Top 5 - 01 Lubeck


Lübeck was a very important city in middle age when it was the capital of the Hanseatic League, and most of the architecture from that period is still on display. The city center located on a small island in the middle of the river Trave has one of the best preserved medieval heritages in Germany. It can be reached through various city gates.

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Germany Top 5 - 02 Berlin


Berlin is the national capital and Germany’s most cosmopolitan city. It was heavily bombed during the II World War, and what remains today is a mixture of neoclassical, communist, postmodern and high tech architecture. One of the greenest cities in Germany, Berlin is known for its numerous parks, gardens, rivers and lakes.

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Germany Top 5 - 03 Dresden


Dresden. Once the capital of the Saxon Kingdom and the largest city of now defunct Eastern Germany. The Allies destroyed its heritage in 1945, but it has been carefully restored to its original state. Today it is one of the best examples of Central European baroque and rococo cities, enriched with Renaissance, Historism, Modernism and Postmodernism.

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Germany Top 5 - 04 Heidelberg


Heidelberg. Arguably Germany’s best kept secret, it’s known for its famous University and numerous historical buildings, including churches and city gates from different historical periods. The large Old Town is dominated by the monumental Heidelberg Castle on the hill and a stone bridge built in the XVIII Century, fitting elegantly into the landscape.

Germany Top 5 - 05 Munich


Munich is the capital of the most populous German state Bavaria and its southernmost metropolis. A Catholic City, it showcases beautiful renaissance and baroque churches. The inner city was built within the remains of a medieval fortification, from where several elegant avenues dotted with numerous neoclassical palaces begin.

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