Romania Top 5 (Citizens of Rome)

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Romania. The largest country in the Balkans has a compact, almost completely round shape. Known for its beautiful mountains, magnificent monasteries, and charming towns and villages, Romania is a country where Europe and Asia blend. Historically, the west and center belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, while the south, east and north to the Ottoman Empire. Romania’s main landmarks include several nice cities located in the west and center. The country can be visited by bus, train or plane, and while trains are pretty slow, the road network is rapidly improving. A few years ago, a couple of decent airline companies began operating domestic routes.

Here are the Romania Top 5

Romania - 01 Timisoara


The westernmost Romanian city is a good starting point to visit the country. Known as Little Vienna due to its elegant architecture built during the Austrian rule, the city is famous for its beautiful squares surrounded by churches from different denominations and wonderful parks located along the river Bega.

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Romania - 02 Sibiu


Arguably Romania’s most beautiful city, it showcases a large architectural heritage influenced by different cultures. Once the center of Transylvanian Saxons, today it’s an important cultural and tourist center. Sections of the Old City Wall still surround the medieval city center, which is divided into the Upper Town and the Lower Town.

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Romania - 03 Brasov


A major tourist destination, it’s perfectly located in the center of the country close to several mountain resorts. The beautiful Carpathian Mountains can be seen from the historical old town built around the Council Square and adorned with colorful architecture. Pretty close, world famous Dracula’s Castle sits on a cliff that divides Wallachia and Transylvania.

Romania - 04 Sighisoara


Sighişoara, the only inhabited medieval fortress in Eastern Europe, is a small city located in Transylvania built by German Saxons in the 12th Century. Numerous historical buildings such as a large Clock Tower can be found inside the fortress on top of the hill. Several important Saxon monasteries are located nearby.

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Romania - 05 Cluj


Cluj-Napoca, is the nation’s second most populous city and the historical capital of Transylvania. The old town with its large Gothic Church was built around the central square, while many Baroque and Renaissance mansions are scattered around the city center. Home to Romania’s largest university, Cluj-Napoca has a vibrant nightlife and cultural scene.

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