Spain Itinerary 10 Days

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Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world. No wonder, considering its magnificent cities and towns, gorgeous beaches, great food and fantastic nightlife. On top of that, the weather is splendid all year round. Though heavily visited during hot months, winter in Spain is the perfect time to travel. Most first timers visit Spain’s main architectural treasures like Madrid, Barcelona, Seville or Granada and the Mediterranean coast. However, Spain is much more than just fabulous beaches and cool large cities. While the most popular places do offer spectacular sites, to get to feel the local vibe you must visit smaller places, a bit off the beaten track.

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Spain Itinerary 10 Days

Our Spain Itinerary 10 Days route focuses on both popular sights and laid back destinations. We begin in Barcelona, Spain’s second largest city. Then we travel south to Valencia, the third largest. From there we turn west towards Cuenca in the interior of the peninsula, to head back again to the Mediterranean coast to the towns of Peniscola and Tarragona. Thus, you will get to know Castilla-La Mancha, Valencian Community and Catalonia, including both the inland and the coast.

Barcelona – The Capital of the Mediterranean

Barcelona is arguably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It hosts one of Europe’s largest medieval towns famous for its Gothic Quarter and an astonishing number of Art Nouveau (Catalan Modernism) buildings. Barcelona is blessed with a 6 km long beach, great restaurants and fantastic nightlife. Many important artists including Gaudí, Miró, Picasso and Dalí spent some time in this magical place, leaving their distinct mark throughout the city. Barcelona is a world class destination!

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Valencia – City of Joy

Valencia has long been overshadowed by Barcelona for no reason since it has so much to offer: the gorgeous medieval Old Town, elegant classical neighborhoods, a wonderful beach and the one and only City of Arts and Sciences designed by the city’s most famous architect world famous Santiago Calatrava. The Old Town is full of cool street art, great restaurants and historical architecture. Next to it, you’ll find the gorgeous 5 km former long river bed now a park perfect to stroll around or bike your way to the beach.

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Cuenca – Hanging Houses

From Valencia take the fast strain called AVE all the way to Cuenca in the interior of the Castilla-La Mancha region. Located half way between Valencia and Madrid for years this ancient town remained off the beaten track. But since the introduction of the fast train tourist numbers are rising. Cuenca is known for its Hanging Houses, a Unesco World Heritage Site built on a cliff above the Huecar River. Walking about Cuenca’s idyllic Old Town and its surrounding hills and valleys will make your heart full.

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Peniscola – The City in the Sea

Our fourth stop on this route is fabulous Peniscola in Valencian Community, halfway between Valencia and Barcelona. Peniscola has everything: an impressive 13th century castle, beautiful white houses and a long sandy beach. The castle, home of Avignon Pope in the 15th century, is located on a small peninsula that separates the beach in two parts, one small and private and the other one long and crowded. If you are there off season (just like us) you might just end up having the whole place to yourself.

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Tarragona – A Citadel

Tarragona is the last stop on our itinerary and another Unesco World Heritage Site. Founded by the Romans before the 5th century BC, it remained its most important city on the Iberian Peninsula until the fall of the Roman Empire. Tarragona’s most famous landmarks are the 1st century Aqueduct, the 2nd century Amphiteatre, and the 12th century Gothic Cathedral. On top of that, there is a wonderful Old Town and even a beach!

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