Barcelona MINIGranted, we can’t be impartial: we live in Barcelona and for us it’s the best city in the world! That’s why so many tourists and travelers come to visit, many keep coming back while others decide to stay and make it their home. Sometimes the number of tourists may seem too much. The best known sites are extremely popular because they are incredible, so we guarantee you that you won’t regret waiting a bit while chatting with people from all over. Of course there are great lesser known places, beyond the massive radar; those are our specialty.

In one day in Barcelona you can see architectural jewels dating 20 centuries, swim in the Mediterranean, climb a hill, check out a museum and drink coffee while watching the sunset. Be sure to save some energy for later, when the night begins! In addition, Barcelona has first class infrastructure, it is very easy to get around and go everywhere. Sophisticated, entertaining and varied urban life, surrounded by the Mediterranean and mountains, amazing!

We are pleased to share with you our favorite places and activities. We have divided them into different categories. We like to do a bit of everything, in particular spending time in public spaces, enjoying all the city has to offer. Architecture has a very special place; it happens to be Happy Frog’s passion. Bicycles too, with the best climate in Europe and hundreds of bike paths, Barcelona is made for cyclists. And obviously the night, Barcelona’s famous scene!


Barcelona’s architectural heritage is huge. Its streets are packed with modernist, classical, medieval and cool crazy buildings. In addition to the most popular ones, you will be surprised at the number of truly amazing buildings by Gaudí and other modernist architects that even in high season are rarely visited (these are our specialty! Most places are alive, full of people and activities to enjoy. In Happy Frog Travels there is a passionate architect who knows every corner in town.



Most Barcelonans are pretty active; they enjoy the healthy lifestyle provided by the Mediterranean. With fantastic weather all year round, the city is perfect for all kinds of sports, on the beach, the sea, the city or the mountains. It is especially pleasant for walkers and cyclists. The bike is our daily mode of transport in Barcelona. The city is safe, has an incredible bike lane system, and privileged weather. It’s impossible to get bored, you’re always surrounded by beauty. Our friends at AjoBike have great bikes, and we the most unique tours.

Barcelona SPORT


Few people know that over one and a half Centuries ago, a group of cities came together to form what we today call Barcelona. Each of these former cities retains a different character and charm and except for the Old Town and Gràcia, are mostly ignored by massive tourism. It was in the middle of the nineteenth century that the famous architect Cerdà was commissioned to consolidate greater Barcelona. As a result the largest and most unique neighborhood of Barcelona was born – Eixample, an architect’s paradise.



Barcelona’s beaches are world famous. We agree, during high beaches can get too crowded, but what do you expect? It is the Mediterranean, it’s hot outside, beautiful people everywhere, who wouldn’t want to go to the beach? The good news is that you can go from very early until late, and even at night. And if you like beaches with fewer people, you’ll be amazed how close they are, easily accessible by metro.

Barcelona BEACHES


Perhaps there shouldn´t be a special LGBT section. In Barcelona you’re not special if you’re LGBT. The city has a sexy atmosphere, without definitions. But don’t you worry! There are bars and special places, but the entire city is LGBT. Maybe that’s the coolest, as LGBT you can go anywhere without any worries, we are everywhere, free to see and be seen!

Barcelona LGBT 2


Do not hesitate to ask about events happening in the city during your stay. The agenda is full and varied, there is always something interesting. However, there are special parties visited by people from all over. Absolutely not to be missed! The Mercé Festival is dedicated to the local patron and is the biggest party in Barcelona. Each neighborhood has its own celebration, with Festas de Gràcia being the most fun. Other events you should not miss are the Carnival, Festa de Sant Joan and Sant Jordi.



Where is the best party in the world? In Spain! And within Spain? Barcelona. And by party we mean all kinds of night fun: from a violin and piano concert in a small terrace to mega-clubs with electronic music. In addition to the fantastic local artists, all world tours make a stop in Barcelona, which already hosts two of the largest international festivals, Sonar and Primavera Sound. We are more into alternative bars and clubs, though. Tell us what you like, surely you will find it here.



Did you know that within an hour on a super comfortable train you can reach empty beaches, ancient monasteries, Roman coliseums and hills?  Catalonia is beautiful and worth visiting. The local transport network is extensive and modern. It is very easy to bike to the station, board a train, bike for a couple of hours around amazing places, try delicious food and be back in Barcelona, all in one day.

Barcelona GETAWAY

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