If you want to make the most of your holidays you should plan carefully beforehand. Useful information can save you time and money and make your trip more enjoyable. Happy Frog has been travelling for over a decade and is glad to share it with you. We love organizing trips, and finding the best place to stay and the fastest transport connection are our specialties.


We are not fans of massive excursions, so we try to make our tour private whenever possible. In big countries like Argentina or Brazil visiting a natural park means staying in a city hours away. Well, not necessarily. In NATURE we share our experience in finding a good base near or inside a beautiful natural spot and the best ways of getting there.

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We absolutely love good hotels. We consider them a vital part of a holiday. If it’s well located it saves you time and money when touring the area around. If it has a view it makes your stay there a pleasure in its own. If it’s in a historical building you feel like you are participating in a history yourself. In section HOTELS we give you some tips about those special places to stay.

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If you are visiting an interesting city then there are many aspects you should cover. You need to understand what the city is really like: where is the city centre, where are the attractions, restaurants, nightlife. You should also plan how to move around; we personally walk and bike whenever possible. Happy to share with you city GUIDES based on our experience.

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If you are planning a visit to a country you’ve never been to and have little idea what it’s all about than you’ll find our ‘top places’ recommendations highly useful. We recommend ROUTES that include some of the most interesting places in a certain country. While in Europe main highlights are its beautiful cities in Latin America or Asia it is more about natural sights.

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If we forget about destinations and focus solely on the act of organizing a trip than TIPS section is the place. Here we explore general tips about travelling from finding the best hotel, the cheapest plane ticket to tips on tipping, dealing with the locals, transport between the places etc. You will also find plenty of practical info.

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If you love travelling but don’t want to plan a trip by yourself we can do it for you! We offer TOURS to Southeast Asia, the charming Balkans and to the beautiful Georgia. We also organize different city tours around Barcelona. If you find none of those appealing we can adapt to your needs and organize a trip to pretty much wherever.

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