If you don’t like to spend much time on planning but enjoy travelling so much you should check our sections dedicated to pure pleasure. We share our experiences, funny anecdotes, sad events or any interesting detail that occurred during our travels. You might even get to learn something!


As an architect Happy Frog always had a special interest in buildings. But how does it feel to be surrounded with all those beauties? We are not talking about buildings per se but rather as a traveller’s experience through architecture. In our section ARCHITECTURE we explore unique countries like Georgia, cities like Brasilia or architectural styles like Catalan Modernism.

ENJOY Section Architecture Happy Frog Travels


Everybody knows that travelling is fun, but sometimes the experience you live is so intense that it has to be told. Our STORIES include those fun moments but also the sad ones, embarrassing ones and all those we just can’t forget. Once we had to fight our way through the Lebanese border, the other time we almost got imprisoned in Kazakhstan. Now we are just laughing at those moments.

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This website is about Travels and it covers wide range of aspects related. The art form most connected with tourism is STREET ART, public display of artworks decorating the cities around the world. Sometimes we are talking about simple graffiti with a message, the other times it is a complex large scale painting. They left mark in places like Buenos Aires or George Town.

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One of the aspects of travelling that deserves a special place is Culture. Each city, region or country has their own identity which is expressed through series of cultural events like festivals, local parties, traditions or customs. Most places display their best through several important FESTIVALS. In the Philippines it’s around the carnival, in Estonia they are singing. Such a diverse world!

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A picture is worth a thousand words: sometimes you are just tired of so much information and want to explore places through images. In fact, most of our posts are dedicated exclusively to PHOTOS, with a short description just to understand the context. You’ll find European castles, Southeast Asian beaches or Photos of people from around the world.

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Our distinguished Mr E has an opinion too. As an environmental lawyer and a first class traveller he has a unique vision of our world. In his E’S CORNER he is discussing the issues like western travellers, gay tourism or environment related topics. Mr. E surely won’t leave you indifferent. Enjoy!

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