Two days in Taipei: Yehliu, Maokong and Beitou

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Our last two days in Taipei were very intense, amazing and stressful. Thanks to Patty from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau on Thursday we went out of Taipei to the northern coast and its famous Yehliu Geopark, it was raining, dramatic and unique. On Friday we went to the mountain on the Maokong Gondola, the floor is transparent so you can see the trees from above! Then, that same day, we took the metro all the way to Beitou to dip in the public hot springs, so bad it was so late, the place is beautiful and the water fantastic (we must come back!). We took the metro and then the fast train to take the airport shuttle. When we got there, we only had money for one ticket. The guy from the bus was so nice he took both of us in!

We finally made it to the airport barely on time, and we were not allowed to board the flight to Manila. We couldn’t believe it! The Philippines demands a ticket out, which we didn’t have. The internet at the airport was slow and we only had 20 minutes, so we copied pasted a fake reservation to Bali, typed our names, wrote sold and showed it at the counter. We were the last ones to board! We were so happy and starving, so we ordered food on board. When we had to pay, the card wasn’t working! Fortunately, we were next to our new friend Jolly who lent us the money! Waiting for the taxi to the hotel we made another friend, Ivy a laughing saleswomen that travels all around the country, she promised (and did deliver) an email full of very valuable info. We really need to relax now!

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