Where to Stay in Syros: Best Hotels and Beaches

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Deciding to go to Syros, the gorgeous Greek island is easy. Indeed, Syros is perfect if you want to experience the best of Greece: beaches and culture. We know the island pretty well, so we’ll help you decide where to stay in Syros. Syros has hotels for all tastes set amongst fantastic nature. Besides, the island is so small, that it is easy to move around, even if you don’t rent a car. On the same day, you can visit several beaches, enjoy a killer sunset, and dine in Ermoupouli. What else could you possibly ask for? A plethora of fantastic restaurants, bars, and Greek people, the best hosts in Europe, complete the feast.

Asteria beach

Where to Stay in Syros

Ermoupoli, Capital of Syros and Cyclades

To us, Syros is the prettiest island in the Cyclades. Its capital Ermoupoli is also the capital of Cyclades and the whole of South Aegean. The city has layer upon layer of heritage, with gorgeous nature all around. Ermoupoli got its name after no other than Hermes, the god of travelers. You will recognize two distinct sections. Closest to the sea is neoclassic Ermoupoli and up the hill byzantine Ano Syros. Ano Syros is much older and looks like a fortress. On the other hand, lower Ermoupoli was founded in the 1820s, during the Greek revolution. Today, Ermoupoli has tones of eateries, shops, and bars.

Ermoupoli capital of Syros and Cyclades

Hotels in Ermoupoli

Syros has hotels for all tastes, especially in Ermoupoli. Syros excels in boutique hotels, and some of the best are in Ermoupoli. The best hotel in Syros overlooking the port is the Apollonion Palace Hotel. The hotel is a 19th century neoclassical villa built over the sea. Completely updated, its rooms offer fantastic views, and the service is superb. We stayed in the beautiful Electra Syros Boutique Hotel close to the beach and loved it. The hotel was recently updated, and its lovely rooms come with balconies with incredible views. Asteria beach is a step away, and you can walk to all that fantastic Syros has to offer.

Where to Stay in Syros

Ano Syros

The capital of Syros is perfect for hiking from neoclassical to medieval Greece. That’s how different Ermoupoli and Ano Syros are! However, if you don’t feel like walking uphill for half an hour, take a taxi, and you’ll be in Ano Syros in minutes. Once there, all you have to do is get lost in its narrow streets looking for architectural marvels. The grandest buildings to look for are the Capuchin Monastery (from 1637), the Church of Saint George (originally from 1208), and the Museum Mark Vamvakaris. We advise you to go in the afternoon. Trust us, in Ano Syros you will enjoy one of the best sunsets in Greece.

Ano Syros

Hotels in Ano Syros

Ano Syros is not about hotels. If you want to stay here, you have to book a room in a private house. No worries, a couple are top-notch. Wind Tales is perched on the hill, overlooking the sea. This beauty is a boutique guest house with just a few rooms, some carved into the stone. The terraces are stunning, and the service top class. Your other option is Romanza Rooms, just under Ano Syros. Romanza has a fantastic terrace and comfy rooms, some with private balconies. You simply can’t go wrong with any of its 4 incredible units.

Street in Ano Syros

The Best Beaches in Syros

Galissas Beach

Syros Island has many beaches, and all are worth visiting. To us, Galissas Beach is the nicest one in Syros and one of the best beaches in Greece. The small bay is between two hills. Fortunately, there are no hotels or big buildings directly on the sandy beach, so you feel totally in nature. That said, there is a tiny town with a couple of great restaurants by the beach. Families will love the beach since it’s very shallow and feels almost like a pool. Likewise, the town’s center is a lovely 20-minute walk. Climb to the little church overlooking the bay. The views are stunning and to your left, you have another incredible beach, one of the best naturist beaches in Syros.

Galissas Beach, Syros Greece

Hotels in Galissas

There are several good hotels in Galissas, but Hotel Benois Syros is the best. Without a doubt, It has the best location in town. All you have to do is cross the green area that separates it from the beach and the sea. Rooms are spacious and super comfortable, and all come with large balconies offering views. The ones overlooking the beach are the best. The hotel is set around a cool pool, the breakfast is delicious, and the service impeccable. That said, Syros has other luxury hotels. Dolphin Bay Hotel is on the slopes of the hill overlooking the beach.  It’s got all that you expect from a top resort, especially if traveling with family. The two are the best hotels in Syros, Greece.

Best hotels in Syros, Greece

Kini and Delfini Beaches

Two other beaches stand out, Kini Beach and Delfini Beach. Kini Beach is to the east of Syros and is the closest to Ermoupoli. Probably that’s why it can get a bit crowded. Kini beach is beautiful and favored by the young and hip. Actually, you’ve got two beaches, Kini proper, and lovely Lotos Beach, smaller, quieter and with loads of trees. Delfini Beach is also east of Syros, some 3 km north of Kini. Delfini is far less crowded and feels more secluded. In fact, north of Delfini is empty, so you can walk to secluded Varvarousa Beach and if a bit adventurous to Aetou and Avlaki Beaches. Delfini is both a sandy and pebble beach but somehow protected from the wind by the slope and trees. The far end of this incredible beach is naturist.

Fabulous beach in Syros

Hotels in Kini and Delfini

In Kini, you have several hotels to choose from. Oro Suites is a recently built boutique hotel set amongst a lovely garden directly on the coast. All rooms are wonderful, but the bigger ones come with their own pool. The service is as good as the hotel, and the breakfast delicious. In Delfini, there aren’t many hotels. In fact, we recommend an apartment hotel, Anemos and Almyra. Every unit comes with a small kitchen and a big balcony. Due to its location, close to the beach, sunsets from the hotel are unforgettable.

Finikas and Agathopes Beaches

Finikas in southern Syros is a small town with a small beach and a port. That said, Finikas is some 8 minutes walking to Voulgari Beach to the south, and 15 minutes to Kokkina Beach to the north. Thus, you can visit several beaches. The town itself is not that special, with a couple of hotels and restaurants. Finikas is a quiet beach, with very clean water and public umbrellas and showers to enjoy your day. Agathopes is to the south of Finikas and wider, but with the same clear blue waters. Not only that, but walk a bit to the north and you will reach a double-sided beach, just before a semi-island forest. Many residents in Syros favor Agathopes, so the vibe is quite special.

Syros little port

Hotels in Finikas and Agathopes

Since most people come from Ermoupoli to spend the day, Finikas doesn’t have many hotels. Without a doubt, Hotel Brazzera is the best one in town. The hotel is directly on the coast and has only 14 rooms. Of course, the ones with sea views are the best. All come with balconies and are nicely appointed. The bar in the hotel is quite good, and the service great. There aren’t many accommodation options in Agathopes. To us, the best one is Calma Boutique Hotel, set on the beach. The hotel has been updated recently and has big rooms with direct views of the Aegean Sea. The bar offers very good coffee and breakfast, and the service by its owners is impeccable.

Beach hotels in Syros

Vari and Achladi Beaches

Vari Beach and Achladi Beach are to the southwest of Syros, pretty close to Ermopouli. We are talking about two small beaches favored mostly by residents in Ermopouli. Achladi is smaller and has an even smaller port. The small town of Vari is pretty and boasts a couple of interesting churches. Achladi Beach is just a 10-minute walk by the sea from Vari. Vari Beach is wider, but since there are more hotels, it can get a bit crowded. Achladi is perfect for those of you who like pebble beaches, while Vari for those of us who like sand better. Finally, there are more dining options in Vari, so even if you decide to stay in Achladi, you’ll probably dine in Vari.

Achladi Beach

Hotels in Vari and Achladi

In Achladi we stayed at the beautiful Emily Hotel, directly on the beach. In fact, we would see the sea from the comfort of our bed. The recently updated building has comfortable and well-appointed rooms. The hotel has a garden, sun beds with umbrellas, and a bar offering good coffee and snacks. There is a fantastic restaurant a couple of meters from Emily. In Vari, your best choice is Hotel Kamelo, directly on the beach. It is a traditional greek hotel, with comfortable rooms with balconies, sun beds, and one of the best restaurants in the area. Even if you don’t stay here, you will love their traditional Greek food served overlooking the beach.

Boutique hotel Syros

How to Spend Your Syros Holidays

Syros is perfect for holidays mixing culture and relaxation. That’s probably what we like the most about the island. You get the best of both worlds: a city with a lot of heritage and pristine secluded beaches. As mentioned, the island is small, that you can stay at different beaches or base yourself in one, and go on day excursions to the others. We are convinced that Galissas is the best beach in Syros. The sandy beach is wide and long, the little town is cute, the food is delicious, and the Hotel Benois fantastic. Therefore, stay at least two days discovering Ermoupoli, and then go to Galissas. From there you can go everywhere! There isn’t even the need for a car. Taxis are inexpensive, and taxi drivers have the best tips!

One of the best beaches in Greece - Galissas

How to Get to Syros

Athens to Syros by Plane

Yes, the tiny island of Syros has an airport. There is only one flight that leaves early in the morning from Athens and takes just over half an hour to get to Syros. That same plane comes back to Athens. Eventually, in high season there are a handful of flights from international locations, so be sure to check in your country of residence. In all honesty, taking the flight from Athens to Syros doesn’t make much sense. It takes about an hour to go from Central Athens to the airport. If you add up the waiting period, all the hassle of boarding, plus the flight, it will take you roughly as long as the ferry. Yes, the views from the plane are fantastic, but the ones from the boat are better.

Ermoupoli town

Athens to Syros by Ferry

The best way to go from Athens to Syros is by ferry. However, take note that the ferry departs from Pireaus to Syros. Piraeus is the main port in Athens, closest to the city, and served by many shipping companies. From Central Athens to Pireaus you can take the metro or a taxi and be there in less than 20 minutes. You can either take a fast boat operated by Seajets or a slower one by Blue Star Ferries, depending on the season. The journey lasts between 2 and 3 and a half hours. Your other option is to take the ferry from Lavrio, one hour from Athens. Take note that there are fewer frequencies from Lavrio, so be sure to check. Likewise, the trip lasts between 3 and a half and 5 hours. Ferries arrive in downtown Ermoupoli.

We use Ferryhopper to check prices and buy our ferry tickets across Greece.


Cyclades Island Hopping

Who hasn’t dreamt of going to the Cyclades island hopping? Each and every island is absolutely beautiful and for sure worth visiting. Whether you decide to do Syros and Sifnos, Mykonos and Syros, or Paros, Serifos, Naxos, and Syros, you can’t go wrong. We bet that you will come as many times as necessary to get to visit each one of these jewels. If you like to plan, we advise you to check the best combinations between the islands. On the other hand, if you want an adventure, take the ferry from Athens to Syros, and then go to the island that tickles your fancy. You can buy a multi-stop Cyclades island hopping ticket or buy each way as you move. A very popular route operated by Seajets is Syros, Mykonos, and Santorini.

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