About Happy Frog TravelsWhen I was 23 I attended an International Students Festival in Norway. That trip proved to be pretty pivotal: I realized I would be travelling all my life. I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s begin with some background. At that time, things in Serbia weren’t so easy. There was a lot of nationalism, and the country was still pretty isolated. In an isolated country political propaganda tells you whatever is deemed appropriate. At that festival in Norway I realized I wasn’t an isolated case: there were people from all around the world who shared the same thoughts and ideas. People with eyes wide open, travelling to see exactly what can’t be seen at home, experiencing places and celebrating diversity. That was my crowd! There was no way back, I had to travel, I had to push my own boundaries and expand my ecosystem.

The more I travel, the more I understand we are all part of the one planet, that we are all nature. And nature has no boundaries. It’s us who create frontiers to isolate each other. Travelling makes those boundaries seem ridiculous. After all, don’t we all like to have fun, eat and sleep well, have friends and live in peace?

My travels are focused 100% on pleasure. I put all my efforts in satisfying my senses. I want to see and do as much as possible while being rested and relaxed. I rather visit fewer places and sense them completely than run around from place to place. You see, travelling must be done with style. After all, it is a privilege, and as such, it comes with the responsibility of being nice to your hosts and appreciating your incredible luck: you are able to travel!

I like: architecture, walking, biking, dancing, talking, swimming, a Good Rest, nature, art, food, parties, surprises, different perspectives, betting to know new people, languages, adventures, challenges and of course privileges.

I enjoy staying at: expensive hotels, beach huts, small cottages, and apartments.

I love moving by: train, bus, plane, boat, Tuc-tuc, and my favourite: Bike.

After studying architecture in Belgrade, I moved to Barcelona in 2006 to finish a master’s degree in Urbanism. The city is an architect’s dream, a hedonist’s playground and most importantly, super multicultural, so I had to stay. Here you meet people from all over the world, and then you want to go visit their countries. Barcelona attracts positive energy. The same that made me create this website. HAPPY FROG TRAVELS is not about judging and comparing places, it’s about opening ourselves to different ways and having fun. HAPPY FROG TRAVELS is not really about me, it’s about the place, our planet, much bigger and cooler than me and you.

So, if you think you are part of a world adventure, join us. Here we can exchange ideas, plan trips together and discuss different issues. From my side I promise there will be loads of interesting photos, information and comments. And let’s get things straight, while tourists visit places without getting to know them, travellers go further and submerge deeper into every location.

Don’t be a tourist, be a traveller!

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