Catalan Modernism: Art Nouveau in Barcelona

At the turn of the 20th Century, Catalan Modernism or Art Nouveau dominated Barcelona. Above all, the movement peaked in architecture, design and decorative arts. The style is essentially traditional. In contrast, it introduced … Read More

Sa Pedrissa Deià, Mallorca

Sa Pedrissa was built in the 17th century and at one point owned by the Archduke Louis Salvador of Austria. Even though it is a hotel, it feels more like a house, a very … Read More

Figueres & Dalí Theatre and Museum

We went for a day to Figueres, home to the world famous Dalí Theatre and Museum. The city centre is quite nice with a couple of medieval buildings, narrow streets and a charming pedestrian … Read More

Granada – Spain’s Best

There is nothing in the whole of Europe quite like Granada. The longest Moorish stronghold on Spanish soil, it has preserved its distinguished oriental character until today. The Alhambra, one of the most beautiful … Read More

Valencia Street Art

When booking our hotel, we read a comment complaining about grafitti and young people hanging down town. I loved it! As you can see, Valencia has a vibrant cultural scene. Enjoy!

Girona – Medieval and Green

Since Girona is located just an hour away from Barcelona (half an hour on the fast train), I’ve been there several times. In fact, this small town has so much to offer you can spend the … Read More

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