Day Trip to Dresden: Architecture Guide

No trip to Germany should exclude Dresden, a city full of history and fantastic architecture. The former capital of the Saxon Kingdom was also the largest city of now defunct Eastern Germany. Today, it is … Read More

Cities of the Hanseatic League

European countries trace their origins to the ethnical groups that settled down around the continent after the great migration. Rudimentary at the beginning they slowly emerged into the city states that would later morph … Read More

Hanseatic City of Lübeck

Lübeck is my favorite German city. I still can’t forget all the tall spires, city gates, hidden squares and sculptures. Lübeck was a very important city in the Middle Ages when it was the … Read More

Germany Top 5 (East of the Rhine)

Germany has a relatively compact shape that resembles a vertical rectangle 1200km long and 800km wide. It is the most populated European country, if we exclude the ex-soviet states, and its territory is also … Read More