Cities of the Hanseatic League

European countries trace their origins to the ethnical groups that settled down around the continent after the great migration. Rudimentary at the beginning they slowly emerged into the city states that would later morph … Read More

Two Days in Bruges

We spent two days in Bruges, one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. A very important port in medieval times, Bruges lost access to the sea in the 16th century and with it its trading … Read More

Antwerp – A Giant’s Hand

Antwerp is Belgium’s second largest city and is easily accessible from Brussels or Ghent. Though the medieval merchant houses are the same as everywhere in Belgium, the large lively port and urban gardens are … Read More

Ghent Festival – Gentse Feesten

I used to travel with an international group of friends. It was the same bunch I met in Madrid in 2005, and then organized the Eastern European Adventure I wrote about. One of the … Read More