Cities of the Hanseatic League

European countries trace their origins to the ethnical groups that settled down around the continent after the great migration. Rudimentary at the beginning they slowly emerged into the city states that would later morph … Read More

Gdansk – Poland’s Best

We spent 4 days in Gdansk, the star of our short trip around Poland. Perhaps the nicest city on the Baltic Sea, its history is rich and its patrimony immense. Countless medieval houses and … Read More

Torun – Copernicus’ Birthplace

So far the weather in Poland has been quite hectic. But that hasn’t stopped us from having a great time in Torun, birth place of Copernicus. We walked under the sun and the rain, … Read More

Warsaw Travel Guide

The capital and the largest city in Poland, Warsaw is a modern city whose rich architectural heritage was almost completely swept away by the misfortunate events of the past century. Thanks to the hard … Read More