Street Art of George Town

One of the nicest cities in Southeast Asia, George Town, is a place full of history. The Portuguese, British, Chinese, Malay and Indian cultures mix here together with modern street art. In 2012 the … Read More

Valencia Street Art

When booking our hotel, we read a comment complaining about grafitti and young people hanging down town. I loved it! As you can see, Valencia has a vibrant cultural scene. Enjoy!

Street art of Buenos Aires

Street art of Buenos Aires: I was told Buenos Aires is a decadent city. Well, I wish it was true, cause I like decadent! Anyhow one of the main impressions of the city are its numerous … Read More

Street art of El Raval

Street art of El Raval Barcelona‘s most underrated neighborhood Raval is actually a place full of art.

Belgrade Graffiti and Murals

Belgrade graffiti and murals Belgrade is home to some incredibly interesting murals and unique graffiti. The best area is Savamala next to the river Sava.