Kanto Region: Nikko and Kinugawa Onsen

There is a saying in Japan that goes something along the lines of Never say you are satisfied until you’ve seen Nikko. Indeed! Nikko in the Kanto Region boasts some of the most magnificent … Read More

Vigan, Philippines’ Most Beautiful Town

North Luzon is the place to visit in the Philippines if you are into historical architecture: you will find several important medieval churches and the beautiful heritage town of Vigan. The City is great, … Read More

Corruption Overshadows Astana

Our final destination in Kazakhstan, Astana, shook us deeply. Where to begin? Kazakhstan was not the first and won’t be the last country to move its capital to a less developed and scarcely populated … Read More

Sheki – Relaxed Side of Azerbaijan

We didn’t know what to expect when we decided to go to the Caucasus in 2015, so we were hoping to be impressed by the three nations: Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. However, after spending … Read More

Chiang Mai & Elephant Circus

Several people told us we couldn’t miss Chiang Mai in the north of the country, supposedly very different to Bangkok, with far less tourists and close to wildlife sanctuaries. So, eager to see elephants … Read More

Berat – Town of a Thousand Windows

Europe is a continent incredibly rich in architectural heritage. Thousands of impressive heritage towns and cities can be found almost everywhere. However, the Balkan Peninsula is richer in nature, with a few very interesting … Read More

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