Top 5 Taiwan Destinations

Most people know little about Taiwan, the place that claims to be the only real successor to the Republic of China. Located on a small island just 100km away from Mainland China it is … Read More

Philippines Top 7 (Islands of the West)

Philippines is an archipelago of approximately 7500 islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. More than two thirds of the total territory belongs to Luzon on the north and Mindanao on the south. … Read More

Georgia Top 8 (The Land of Wolves)

Georgia. The northernmost country in the Transcaucasian region has a longitudinal triangular shape. It is an incredibly diverse country with abundant stunning landscapes. The Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast are decorated with … Read More

Romania Top 5 (Citizens of Rome)

Romania. The largest country in the Balkans has a compact, almost completely round shape. Known for its beautiful mountains, magnificent monasteries, and charming towns and villages, Romania is a country where Europe and Asia … Read More

Germany Top 5 (East of the Rhine)

Germany has a relatively compact shape that resembles a vertical rectangle 1200km long and 800km wide. It is the most populated European country, if we exclude the ex-soviet states, and its territory is also … Read More

Thailand Top 7 (Land of the Freedom)

Thailand is a country with a peculiar shape. While the north has a relatively compact form, the south is a narrow peninsula dotted with numerous islands. Even though the north is 500 km wide, … Read More