Spain Itinerary 10 Days

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Spain is one of the most visited countries in the world. No wonder, considering its magnificent cities and towns, gorgeous beaches, great food and fantastic nightlife. On top of that, the weather is splendid all year round. Though heavily visited … Read More

Georgia Top 8 (The Land of Wolves)

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Georgia. The northernmost country in the Transcaucasian region has a longitudinal triangular shape. It is an incredibly diverse country with abundant stunning landscapes. The Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea coast are decorated with beautiful villages, towns, charming churches and … Read More

Romania Top 5 (Citizens of Rome)

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Romania. The largest country in the Balkans has a compact, almost completely round shape. Known for its beautiful mountains, magnificent monasteries, and charming towns and villages, Romania is a country where Europe and Asia blend. Historically, the west and center … Read More