3D Puzzles of Famous Buildings and Landmarks

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As you know, traveling is a passion. Just like you, we were born to travel and there is nothing in the world that we would rather do. Architecture is another passion of ours. Therefore, we have a gorgeous collection of 3D puzzles of famous buildings. There is something magical in creating 3D puzzles of the landmarks you visited and love. We have selected the best 3D puzzles of the most iconic buildings on our planet. We are sure these will take you back to your favorite places and make you want to keep on traveling forever.

 Puzzles of Famous Buildings and Landmarks

3D Puzzles of Paris

Who doesn’t love Paris? We can all agree that the city is a dream to behold. Few cities in the world have so many iconic structures. Featured in books, movies, operas, paintings, and all art forms, these are immediately recognizable. Though there are several 3D puzzles of Paris, we have selected one of the city’s skyline. Made entirely in premium paper and foam board, this beauty includes the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum with the crystal pyramid, Arch de Triomphe, and Champs Elysees. It is for travelers as young as 8 years old. When assembling it, you will be back in Paris!


Eiffel Tower

We love our Ravensburger 3D puzzle of the Eiffel Tower of 216 pieces. This premium plastic model reproduces the tower to the utmost detail. You can also get this Ravensburger 3D puzzle with LED lights. The 18.5 inches tall (47 cm) model comes with everything you need to assemble it, except the batteries. You can set it to a permanent white or to change colors.

Since we like foam and paper models, we have the Cubicfun 3D puzzle Eiffel Tower collection. Both models are sturdy and will last a lifetime. You don’t need any tools or glue to assemble your models. Punch out the 84 pieces and follow the instructions. Both models are 30.7 inches (78 cm) tall. The model with LED lights is a beautiful lamp.

The Wrebbit 3D puzzle Eiffel Tower is a much bigger and complex model. We are talking about an 816 piece model. Since lasers cut the pieces, these fit like a glove. This 40 inches (102cm) tall model is our biggest tower. Assembling it wasn’t easy, and that’s why we had so much fun. After all, that’s the whole point of puzzles: to relax and complete a challenge.

Eiffel Tower

Notre Dame

Without a doubt, Notre Dame is the most famous church in the world. Ravensburger has a 3D puzzle of Notre Dame Cathedral done to the utmost detail. It has 324 plastic pieces that fit perfectly. Due to its complexity, it’s perfect to assemble with your kids. They learn about architecture and culture, while you have fun.

Of course, we love our paper foam models too. We assembled the Cubicfun National Geographic 3D puzzle of Notre Dame de Paris with our nephews. The one with LED lights we built ourselves over a glass of wine. It looks wonderful on our bookcase. We gave our 15-year-old niece the 293 piece model and she loved it.

Now, if you are as passionate about grand architecture as us, you should assemble a Wrebbit 3D puzzle of Notre Dame. Set some time for yourself and have fun with its 830 pieces. To be honest, we built it in over a week. Each day we would build a section. The result is stunning!

Notre Dame

3D Puzzles of London

We’ve never met anyone who doesn’t love the biggest most amazing city in the UK. London is an architect’s dream. The city has captured the imagination of the entire world. Thus, there are 3D puzzles of London for every kick and fancy. We began our collection with the Cubicfun city line 3D puzzle of London that features the city’s most recognizable icons like the Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and London Eye. We were staying with some friends in London and assembled it together one rainy afternoon. Since then, they are all 3D puzzle enthusiasts.


Big Ben

Then we decided to get the Ravensburger 3D puzzle of Big Ben, the most recognizable clock tower in the world. The company has three 216 piece models. The classic one is a reduced-size replica of the original tower. The 3D puzzle of Big Ben with lights in our living room. The one that comes with a real clock that works is perfect to gift!

Another option is to get any Cubicfun 3D puzzle of Big Ben. As mentioned before, the company produces top-quality paper foam puzzles. Both models reproduce the iconic tower to the utmost detail. That’s why they are wonderful presents. The classic one has 44 pieces and is 20.28 inches (51.5 cm) tall. The one with LED lights has 28 pieces and is perfect for kids as young as 5 years old.

For die-hard fans, we recommend the Wrebbit 3D puzzle of Big Ben. You will have a blast building the 28.75 inches tall model. All you have to do is punch out the 890 cardboard foam pieces and relax. We’ve built this one with our friends one Saturday night, remembering our trips to London.

Big Ben


Tower Bridge

The other London landmark we absolutely love is Tower Bridge. That’s why we have selected two models. Ravensburger has a 3D puzzle of the Tower Bridge for kids and adults that looks exactly like the real bridge. This model is big and fun to play with. At home we have the Cubicfun 3D puzzle of the Tower Bridge. We assembled it with our nephews. It comes with information on the bridge, so we all learned a lot about London. They had so much fun that we had to get one just for them.

Tower Bridge

3D Puzzles of New York

Eitan has been several times to New York. I haven’t and I’m dying to go! Therefore, we have more than one New York 3D puzzle. The first we built together is the Cubicfun 3D New York Cityline that reproduces the most iconic structures in the city. We are talking about such classics as the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the Chrysler Building. Not only that, but this beauty includes the new Calatrava metro station and the World Trade Center. It has 123 pieces and includes easy-to-follow instructions.

New York

Statue of Liberty

We had to assemble a model of the colossal Liberty Enlightening the World statue. The first one we bought is the Ravensburger 3D puzzle of the Statue of Liberty. Since we liked it so much, we got the one that comes with LED lights. We are talking about a reduced-size replica of the magnificent statue. Now, if you are looking for a one-of-a-kind memento of your travels to New York City, get the pop art edition.

Then we moved to cardboard foam. Thus, we got the Cubicfun 3D puzzle of the Statue of Liberty of 39 pieces that includes the pedestal and Liberty Island. Since it’s just 10.3 inches high, it fits perfectly on desks. The one that comes with LED lights we bought to gift. We like to give things that represent us, and that makes us stand out too!

Statue of Liberty

Empire State Building

When we found the Ravensburger 3D puzzle of the Empire State building we couldn’t help but buy it. Then we realized there are three models. All are made in plastic, have 216 pieces, and are approximately 18.2 inches tall (48.5 cm). The 3D jigsaw puzzle that comes with lights is a real lamp you can use to decorate your home or office. The Ravensburger Empire State Building flag edition is a piece of art that makes a wonderful present.

Cubicfun has a 3d puzzle of the Empire State building done in collaboration with National Geographic. Therefore, it is a top-quality toy. It has 66 cardboard foam pieces that fit like a glove. At 26 inches tall, this one is quite impressive. The model comes with a model with loads of information on the structure. The 3D Empire State with LED lights it’s a bit smaller, 16.14 inches tall. Thus, it’s perfect for smaller spaces.

Once again, we have to recommend the Wrebbit 3D puzzle Empire State Building. With its 975 foam pieces, you can build a 3 feet (104cm) tall replica of the original building. Wrebbit excels in the quality of its graphics. Due to its complexity, it’s for kids and adults 14 years old and up. Assembling it takes time and dedication. The result is more than worth the effort!

Empire State Building

3D Puzzles of Barcelona

I moved to Barcelona almost 15 years ago and fell in love with the city immediately. As an architect, I couldn’t stop admiring the impressive architecture that dots the city. Even now, every time we visit, I rekindle my love. Therefore, I have every 3D puzzle of Barcelona I could lay my hands on. Begin your collection with the Cubicfun city line 3D puzzle of Barcelona. The model includes the Park Guell, Pedrera House, Batllo House, Guell Park, Mila House, and the one and only Sagrada Familia. This paper model is as colorful as the city. I saved this one just for me. I set some alone time and built my favorite buildings in the whole of Spain!


Sagrada Familia

As you know, we lived in Barcelona and now spend several months a year there. The first 3D puzzle we got was one from Barcelona. We assembled our Cubicfun city line 3D puzzle in no time. This wonderful model includes the city’s most iconic landmarks. Then we had to assemble the Cubicfun National Geographic Sagrada Familia 3D puzzle. The highly detailed 13 inches (33cm) tall model is a modernist piece of art. The company has another 3D jigsaw puzzle of Sagrada Familia for kids 5 years old and up.

Sagrada Familia

3D Puzzles of Moscow

The capital of the biggest country on earth does not disappoint. Our 3D puzzle collection of Moscow doesn’t either. Russian architecture is unique, grand, elegant, and colorful. The Cubicfun 3D puzzle Moscow City Line includes such Russian classics as St. Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow Armory Museum, Ivan the Great Bell Tower, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, and the incredible Kremlin. My lovely nerd Eitan is a big reader and to him, the Russians and the Japanese are the best writers in the world. According to him, great architecture and great books are connected. Thus, he built this one on his own.


Saint Basil Cathedral

We’ve been twice to the Russian capital and we hope to go many times more. We wanted a 3D puzzle of Moscow that captures the best of the city. That’s why we got the Cubicfun St. Basil Cathedral 3D puzzle. After all, the church is the quintessential Russian building. There are two models, with and without LED lights. Since it has fewer pieces, the one without lights is a bit simpler to assemble. We have the one with lights at home. Since the church is so colorful, the LED lights make it shine. The set comes with everything you need to assemble the church, except the batteries for the lights.

Saint Basil

3D Puzzles of Other Buildings and Landmarks

As you know, our webpage centers on nature and architecture. Actually, when we say architecture we mean archaeology too. We travel to see the world’s best structures and natural sites. That’s why we collect 3D architectural puzzles. Assembling our puzzles is not only relaxing but gives us a chance to understand different cultures. Indeed, humans are creative all over the world. Besides, the more we travel the more we realize that our planet is outstandingly beautiful.

Milan Cathedral

Taj Mahal

India needs no introduction. Some of us even call it mother India. When thinking about the subcontinent, which building pops into your mind? That’s why we got the Ravensburger 3D puzzle of the Taj Mahal, the most incredible mausoleum on Earth. Done entirely in premium quality plastic, the assembled model is 13.4 inches long and wide, and 9.5 inches tall.

Once again, Cubicfun has a National Geographic 3D puzzle of the Taj Mahal that will take your breath away. The company uses state-of-the-art printers to achieve realistic graphics. Though done in cardboard foam, the assembled model is sturdy and resistant. You can assemble it with your kids and learn with them about this magnificent palace.

For adults and kids with a passion for architecture, we recommend the Wrebbit 3D puzzle of the Tah Mahal. Assemble your puzzle and travel to 17th Century India, when the mausoleum was built. Due to its complexity, it is for young adults older than 14 years old. Besides, you will need talent to assemble this 950 piece sculpture.

Taj Mahal

Neuschwanstein Castle

Europe’s most famous castle is in Germany. We are talking about the most photographed building in Germany. Ravensburger created a 3D puzzle of Neuschwanstein Castle that reproduces to the utmost detail the original 19th Century Romantic castle. We assembled the CubicFun 3D Puzzle of Neuschwanstein Castle that comes with LED lights. This model is a real lamp meant to be displayed. If you want the biggest model, we recommend the Wrebbit 3D puzzle of Neuschwanstein Castle of 890 pieces. All you have to do is punch out the pieces and follow the instructions. You won’t believe what you are capable of doing.

Neuschwanstein Castle

Roman Colosseum

The latest model we assembled is the Cubicfun National Geographic 3D puzzle of the Colosseum in Rome. Every time we go to Rome we fall in love with the coliseum so we decided to have one at home. It looks exactly the same as the 2000-year-old amphitheater. It took us about 2 and a half hours. We like the fact that we never used tools or glue to assemble our collection of 3D puzzles of famous buildings. You can also get a top-quality model if you assemble the Ravensburger 3D puzzle of the Colosseum. Don’t worry, the pieces fit perfectly so they will never fall.


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