Jakarta Travel Guide

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One of the most populated cities in the world, Jakarta is an example of a clearly divided city. While the northern part of the city center, from the old town to the National Monument … Read More

Singapore Travel Guide

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Singapore, a city state, is an island south of the Malay Peninsula and the only country in the world that gained its independence against its own will. Today Singapore is one of the richest … Read More

Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide

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Kuala Lumpur is one of the largest cities in Southeast Asia, and one of the most developed, when it comes to the economy. It is a city of contrasts, where modern skyscrapers like those … Read More

Hanoi Travel Guide

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Hanoi is a 1000 year old city that served as the political center of Vietnam during most of its history. It is the national capital, main city in the north, a big railroad junction … Read More

Vientiane Travel Guide

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Vientiane is the smallest capital in South East Asia and one of the two that rest on the mighty Mekong river (the other one being Phnom Penh). It lies on the only plain in … Read More

Bangkok Travel Guide

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Bangkok is a great place to start a trip around Thailand and South East Asia. Apart from being incredibly well connected to almost the entire world, it is a shiny city perfect to begin a … Read More

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