Why New Zealand should be your next travel destination

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Why New Zealand should be your next travel destination


You should go to New Zealand to experience the amazing scenery and landscape, get lost in Lord of the Rings country, or tear it up on the slopes of Mt Cook. There is something for everyone in this diverse and beautiful country.

There’s a bit of everything

New Zealand is famous for having four seasons, and you can go back four times a year to experience each one. The country has such a diverse landscape, you can be walking on grassy hills and then swimming in crystal clear waters before climbing some of its snowy mountains. It doesn’t just offer amazing scenery, it also has some amazing cities and towns. Always happy to throw a party, the residents of the city Queenstown have gained quite the reputation for their social antics. You can enjoy some après ski, or head into the busy clubbing scene, whatever your party preference you’re sure to find it here.

You can cross it by foot

New Zealand has a wonderful network of huts that you can stay in at a low cost, there are over 950 huts linked by trails. These huts enable you to travel across the length and breadth of the country at your own walking pace. Offering varying levels of comfort based on your budget and need for a comfy bed; New Zealand’s hut network will provide something for everyone.

Lord of the Rings country

Lord of the Rings country


Visit many of the sites and locations used in the filming of the Lord of the Rings movies. Many people like to go and visit the location of the Shire and jump into the hobbit holes the film crew left behind. Would-be-hobbits should head to Waikato to have a dance under the Party Tree or drink with their fellows in the Green Dragon Inn. If you fancy going on an adventure like the hobbit heroes, then head to the top of Mount Ngauruhoe and see if you can toss the precious ring into the fires of Mount Doom.

Shred it on the snow

If you like your adventures a little more extreme, then there are plenty of snowy slopes for you to get your adrenaline rush from. New Zealand has many peaks that appeal to many of the world’s skiing and snowboarding communities. The country hosts multiple events each year, so if you time your visit well you could get to witness some crazy jumps and stunts, or some alpine racing at breakneck speeds.

They make great wine

New Zealand has emerged as one of the great winemaking countries in the world, and you can visit many of the wine regions during your stay. What could be better at the end of an exhausting day hiking across the country than finishing it off with a nice bottle of wine or two? The unique soils and climates found in New Zealand result in a diverse range of tastes from their wine. Besides producing native white and red wines, there are several grapes cultivated in the country from other nations. Those grapes are also receiving recognition for their quality including grapes from France, Italy, and Spain.

It’s more affordable to get there than you’d think

Often the most expensive part of traveling can be the plane tickets. There are lots of options out there that will keep your costs to a minimum and you can spend more of your resources exploring this wonderful country. As with most situations in life, if you can plan ahead then you’ll be able to budget accordingly. So now you have no excuse not to book those flights and get planning your adventure.

Hopefully, you found some of those reasons to visit too tempting to resist. New Zealand is a country with a lot to attract many tourists every year, an estimated 3.7 million tourists visited last year. Will you be one of them this year? Let us know your New Zealand Plans!

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