The Most Amazing Hotels in the World

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To us Hotels are more experiences than buildings. Don’t get us wrong, the building per se is the basis of the experience. After all, you are after a good night’s sleep. However, it is the service that brings the best amenities, lobbies and rooms alive. That’s when the magic happens: the perfect blend of fascinating infrastructure, a premiere location and superb service.

I gather that everything is connected. When you are a guest in some of the most amazing hotels in the world you feel different. You want to be in your best behavior, be as pleasant as the place, and connect to the staff. I bet that people working in these beautiful places feel the same, proud of their workplace and their jobs.

Russkiy Dvorik Hotel in Sergiev Posad

The following hotels have nailed it. Forget about the overused luxury, awesome or amazing words. We are talking here about something different. Class? Charm? Style? We call it happiness. Happy places for happy travelers.

Just a quick note: The people that clean our room are extremely important to us. They enter our private space and make sure it’s clean just for us. So, leaving a tip directly to them is essential, the best way to say thank you.

Hotels in Amalfi

The Most Amazing Hotels in the World – Our Selection

Grand Hotel Amrâth Kurhaus, The Hague, Netherlands

As you can see from the pictures, the building is truly grand. One of those classy European beach hotels. But Amrâth Kurhaus happens to be perfect; after all they’ve been doing this for over 100 years.

The hotel has been updated to modern day standards, including a spa downstairs. Our corner room with views to the beach included complimentary coffee and drinks. Art all around the building, a brilliant terrace and prime service complete de feast. Our only regret? Staying for such a short time. We must go back soon!

You can book it HERE

Petroff Palace Hotel, Moscow, Russia

This is a real castle, a palace built by Catherine the Great from 1776 to 1780 to host royals coming from St. Petersburg to Moscow. Through its over 200 years of history the hotel was burnt (no other than by Napoleon), rebuilt, used as military headquarters, a museum and educational institution, and turned back into a luxury hotel following extensive renovations.

What else is there to say, we stayed at a palace in Moscow, a very Russian palace. And the service? Top Russian quality. Food was superb too. One day we didn’t even leave the palace, spending all day long going to the spa, eating, and just being part of this piece of history.

You can book it HERE

Sa Pedrissa, Deià, Mallorca, Spain

The house was built in the 17th century and at one point owned by the Archduke Louis Salvador of Austria. Even though it is a hotel, it feels more like a house, a very fancy comfortable house. One that without a doubt offers the best views of the sea and the Serra de Tramuntana. So yes, you have the privacy of a hotel but at the same time you do feel in a house, with very personal service. Everyone smiles and is elegant here, in a subdued way.

There are only 12 rooms, and no matter which one you choose you are guaranteed a nice view and loads of terraces and sofas to chill around. The food deserves special mention. Everything is homemade and delicious.

You can book it HERE

Hilton Moscow Leningradskaya, Moscow, Russia

The so called Seven Sisters of Moscow are arguably the most famous Stalinist buildings. To me, they evoke the Soviet Union and are quintessentially Russian. Well, the Hilton Moscow occupies the former Leningradskaya Hotel, designed in the 50’s to be Moscow’s premier luxury hotel.

The lobby is outstanding, with the biggest lamp I have ever seen. Be sure to ask for a room in one of the top floors, all corridors and halls still boost the original cherry wood panels. A full view of the city doesn’t hurt either. It’s great when a hotel chain offers the same high standard of service anywhere in the world, while still managing to convey a local touch. Hilton delivered!

You can book it HERE

The Manila Hotel, Manila, Philippines

We will never forget the hotels’ entrance. Antique wood covers an enormous lobby with beautiful copper lamps hanging from it. The effect is grandiose; it feels like traveling back in time. The staff are especially polite and friendly, Filipino style. That’s the Gran Manila Hotel, the perfect setting for the most polite people in the world to shine.

We got a room in the modern tower, with unobstructed views of the Intramuros and the city. The hotel has a huge swimming pool, visited by Filipino families. So you can have an insight into the local society. To top it all, they play live music in the evenings, and the coffee is delicious.

You can book it HERE

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