Vaxholm – Boat Trip Through Stockholm Archipelago

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As you know, our page is about architecture and nature, so after discovering the beautiful city of Stockholm we decided to take a boat trip around its archipelago. Our friends from Visit Sweden invited us to the 2 hour boat ride to the lovely town of Vaxholm. What a ride! The scenery is truly breathtaking: elegant palaces slowly substituted by modern neighborhoods, followed by wooden cottages and finally forests and rocks. All surrounded by the ocean and under Sweden’s special blue sky.

Upon arrival we visited the Vaxholm Castle, used as a pirate stronghold in Pippi Longstocking. Later we explored its green neighborhoods with fairy tale wooden houses. Lunch was something else; we stuffed ourselves with delicious cakes at the outstanding Vaxholms Hembygdsgårds Café while enjoying views of the sea. On our way back we were rewarded with an exceptionally colorful sunset. Sweden is all about nature!

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  1. darinka
    | Reply

    The best impfession is Sunset over Stockholm Suburbs…the best photo is View from the Vaxlolm Castle…didnt know that weather there could be such clear and sunny. Have a nice trip, wherever you are now ☺

    • happyfrogtravels
      | Reply

      Normally the weather there is pretty bad. We were lucky to enjoy a couple of clear days.

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