Kiev Travel Guide

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Three things distinguish Ukraine’s capital Kiev, from other major European cities: its superb location on the Mighty Dnieper River, its large scale communist heritage from soviet times and the outstanding churches and monasteries with … Read More

Yerevan Travel Guide

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One of the oldest continuously inhabited places in the world, Yerevan is a place that promises so much, yet fails to deliver. Twenty-eight centuries of history are hardly visible; it seems that constant shifts … Read More

Macau Travel Guide

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Across the bay from Hong Kong lies its lesser known neighbour, Macau. A former Portuguese colony, it was given back to China in 1999 and turned into a special administrative region. Since then everything … Read More

Taipei Travel Guide

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Taipei is not a place that conquers you immediately. It’s not like walking the streets of most European cities where architecture blinds you with all its glamour and everything is tidy and in perfect … Read More

Prague Travel Guide

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If you are planning a trip around Europe and are short of time, the most logical itinerary should include its majestic historical towns. No matter how little time you’ve got, you must visit Prague, … Read More

Mandalay Travel Guide

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Mandalay, Myanmar’s second largest city and biggest up in the north was the country’s last royal capital. Due to its proximity to China, the city is currently an entry point of Chinese nationals who … Read More

Buenos Aires Travel Guide

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There’s a place at the end of the world that everybody is talking about. They say it has gorgeous decadent architecture, lush green parks, cool coffee culture and beautiful temperamental people. Obviously we are … Read More

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