2 Days in Córdoba, Argentina – Things to Do

Another wonderful surprise on our tour around Argentina: Córdoba. The country’s second largest city is full of rich colonial heritage, monumental ‘fin de secle’ architecture and lush green parks. However, what struck us the … Read More

What to see in Subotica, Serbia’s nicest city

Other than Belgrade, a trip to Serbia must include Subotica. According to many, Subotica is the country’s most beautiful city. Additionally, the city is a multicultural heaven, with Hungarians, Serbians and Croatians living next … Read More

Tokyo is great for pictures!

We wrapped up our 4 month journey to China, South Korea and Japan in Tokyo. Lucky us, we exchanged our home in Barcelona with a charming Japanese – British couple for 3 weeks. Our … Read More

Seoul: What a great surprise!

Our trip to South Korea was a bit unexpected. Our travels tend to be thematic and this year the theme was China and Japan. It turned out that the best way to go from … Read More

Shanghai took my heart away

Shanghai proved to be the best place to end our fabulous 2 month trip around China. We spent a week there and I can assure that Shanghai is probably the coolest city I’ve ever … Read More

There is nothing like Beijing

City of Contrasts As much as I like to day dream about my future destinations I wasn’t prepared for Beijing. Unlike Shanghai, which feels very international, Beijing seems to me more Chinese. The city … Read More

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