A Day in Kizhi Island

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Another magnificent place worth visiting in Russia is Kizhi Island on Europe’s second largest lake, the Onega. The island is accessible by boat from the city of Petrozavodsk, where we stopped on our way back from Solovetsky Islands to St. Petersburg. However, there are several trains connecting both cities in around 5 hours. In Petrozavodsk, a nice neoclassical city, we booked a 1 day excursion to Kizhi Island. The fast speed boat trip to the island offers great views of the lake. Once on the island we had 4 hours to wonder around. It was easy to escape the crowds by taking the opposite direction. We rented bicycles and were practically all by ourselves on the less inhabited part of the island. We visited a couple of churches, two villages and enjoyed outstanding views all the way. At the end we strolled about the famous 17th century Kizhi Pogost which left us breathless. Once again, Russia is conquering our hearts!

Happy Frog recommends staying at Hotel Karelia near the port. Ask for a room on a high floor, views of Onega Lake are really cool. As a hotel guest you get a 20% off the boat tour to Kizhi Island.

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